Holidays in Sardinia: since 1995 houses for rent and for sale in Sardinia.

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Want sell/rent?

Have you got a house nearby the beach and you wish to bear some profit? Do you want to sell your house?  Write to us, it won’t cost you anything!

Why use our services?

  • Our real estate agency is registered with the chamber of commerce and associated FIAIP (Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents), and has been operating in the tourist industry for over 15 years ... our staff are knowledgeable and efficient, and all commitments agreed on will be clearly spelled out in writing.
  • DIY is no longer adequate these days, and a professional agency such as ours is a requisite for finding tenants and possible buyers for your property. There are many amateur and sharp operators about, but you can safely entrust your home and your business to us.
  • Our staff speak English, German and French, so we are able to communicate with foreign clients.
  • We access both national and international markets to maximise income opportunities ...

House rentals: contact

House sales: contact:

House rental: A few rules we would like you to respect:

1. Compliance with tax regulations.
2 .Safety of facilities; especially power supplies, which should be earthed.
3 .Houses must conform to the following main requirements:
   a. They should be above ground and at least 2.70m in height ... excluding the attic
   b. They should be ready for occupation and painted inside and out
   c. They should be, if not new, at least recently refurbished
  d. They should be safe and secure
  e. They should be furnished and well equipped; particular attention should be given to mattresses

We may inform you of additional requirements, as we ourselves professionally assess whether houses conform to our standards.

We will explain our procedures in detail when you contact us!!

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