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Local arts and crafts

It is one of the most characteristic aspects of the island and its citizens, which communicate simplicity, sincerity and elegance. This activity finds its roots in the long and remote past, they principally use to realise objects which were used in the houses or in the countryside, followed by ornaments and jewellers.

Jewellery and precious metal crafts
The production of Sardinian artistic handicraft distinguishes itself on national context for its originality, variety and the unitary mark of the manufactured articles. The peculiarity of Sardinian handicraft is due to its close relation which it kept during the centuries with the most genuine folk traditions.

Textile crafts
A textile is a non-woven fabric of fibbers or a cloth made by weaving, knitting and knotting. Needlework is the craft of using needles and similar tools to produce a textile product. Textile arts and crafts in Sardinia are characterized by its many colours and forms, alternating between simple weaving and complex embroidery. In certain areas, there is a continuing use of simple wooden handlooms for the production of textiles of wool or linen, and to create wonderful rugs and trousseau for newlyweds

Typical handicrafts
Small art objects, souvenirs and valuable pieces...

In this technological age there are still artisans practicing and preserving the old skills of working with natural materials like wood to produce fine pieces of furniture and decorative art. Each piece, a labor of love, sweat and tears, takes on its own personality. These wood crafts embody a quality and tactility that no machine can reproduce. Woodworking is very difficult and complex, in Sardinia the production of tables, chairs and kitchen utensils is widespread, but the most characteristic of Sardinian wood craft is the famous “cassepanche” or box settle.

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